Fruition Diploma in Horticulture Production


Offered by Fruition Horticulture (BOP) Ltd, this Diploma is aimed at existing horticulture employees who want to develop technical and managerial skills in the field. The Diploma has a specific focus on requirements for process improvement, to meet market requirements and emerging opportunities for horticultural products and production operations. Offered over 72 weeks, the course has a distance learning option, as well as in-person regional classes, for the students to shape the learning experience that most suits them; both modes are delivered to at the same time. Although there are no formal prerequisites to enrol, it is desirable that participants have completed a Level 4 or above qualification in a relevant field, and hold significant workplace experience, for example in a supervisory or management role within the horticulture industry to enrol. There are exceptions, whereby those students who do not meet the academic criteria may be considered for entry if they show relevant knowledge and experience, or if they provide evidence of their ability to succeed in the course.

Justification for excellence as assessed against framework

This artefact best aligns to R8: Adult learners and career changers, particularly in relation to Participation, Access, and Systems. The Diploma caters to adult learners and career changers who hold previous experience or knowledge, providing equal opportunity to participate in learning. Barriers to participation have been mitigated, for example through offering the course both in-person and online, to suit different life stages and lifestyles. Participants have greater access to the course through flexible entry criteria, that recognises prior learning that has been gained formally, informally, or non-formally.

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