NZ Certificate in Horticulture (General) (Level 3)


This Level 3 horticulture course is taught entirely online and is offered by Open Polytechnic. The course is made of four courses and teaches students the basics of horticulture, including growing plants from seeds and cuttings, how plants function, and how to identify weeds, pests and diseases. The programme is aimed at beginner horticulturalists, those already working in the industry, and those who are looking to pursue a career in horticulture. The course has been developed to suit an online format, offering a multimedia study experience including videos and interactive activities. Students can access all learning materials online, including checking assessment marks, via the web portal. The pastoral care is delivered proactively to avoid drop-off rates and students are supported by a help desk of technicians to fix any technology issues.   

The course also offers a flexible learning experience. Students are only enrolled in one course at a time so can choose to take a break after each course if they choose, so long as they complete all four courses within 3 years. At the start of each month, there is a rolling enrolment allowing students to flexibly start courses when they can. Together, these opportunities allow students to make their learning journey fit with their general life commitments.

Justification for excellence as assessed against framework

This artefact best aligns with R8: Adult learners and career changers, specifically with regards to Participation and Access. Through its online delivery, the course provides adult learners and career changers equal opportunity to participate in learning, removing common barriers to participation for these often time-poor learners who may be juggling work or home life around study. Elements of the course that would traditionally be carried out in-person, for example practical hands-on activities and assessments of these, have been adapted to fit the online environment. Its flexible mode of delivery means these learners can access resources and content from their homes, when and how suits them best.

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