T&G Global partnership with Lincoln University


This partnership between T&G Global and Lincoln University allows students currently enrolled in the Level 5 Diploma of Horticulture to learn while they earn, gaining practical work experience while they complete their study. The programme is carried out over two years with students able to earn a full time wage, working five days per week during peak season, while in the remainder of the year working four days weekly, including one paid study day. Students are able to complete their study and training via a combination of online and face to face work remotely with the university, as well as in person with T&G trainers.

Justification for excellence as assessed against framework

This artefact aligns with R4: Work-based learning and R2: Employers. In terms of Participation, T&G Global have taken a leadership approach to labour market training, working closely with Lincoln University to prepare students/new employees for specific roles and skills required in the workforce. The work-based training is actively facilitated through T&G Global who take on students as full-time employees, and supported by the Lincoln training advisors and tutors. In terms of Skills and Competencies, through the work experience participants learn technical competencies via on-the-job tasks, as well as soft skills such as communication. Through the Diploma training, they gain quality assured and industry recognised credentials. This combined experience helps to create overall greater opportunities for career progression and development in the sector.

Additional information and links

Website: https://tandg.global/tg-global-and-lincoln-university-join-forces-on-horticulture-pathway-partnership/

Contact details

E-mail: info@tandg.global

Phone: 0508 800 100

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