Two (2) Minute Farmer


2 Minute Farmer is a research project that aims to identify knowledge gaps in British farmers, and provide bite-size resources to fill these gaps and support their development. Resources include videos, infographics, surveys, games, and a farm self-assessment tool. The project is run by Duchy College’s Rural Business School, with support from the Agri-tech Cornwall and Isles of Scilly project, and funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

Justification for excellence as assessed against framework

This artefact best aligns with the vocational excellence rubric Digital & Distance Learning, specifically in terms of Systems and Access, as farmers are able to easily access online content to increase their skills and knowledge in a user-friendly digital learning environment. Resources are varied both in their subject matter and format, providing a range of options to suit different types of farmers at all levels. All content and instructional design has been adapted to suit a digital platform, enhancing learner outcomes through its provision of bite-size online material which caters to differing time constraints and availabilities.

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