WOMOlife offers training in wool harvesting skills, and is delivered online via video guides. Users can purchase individual bite-size videos in specific topics, or full courses covering a range. Videos are presented by experts in the field, explaining techniques and skills while they demonstrate these with equipment and tools in the wool shed. The programme has been developed by Laura Hancock and Alister Shennan, with Kaiaka Wool Industry Training NZ.

Justification for excellence as assessed against framework

The artefact best aligns with R6. Digital & Distance Learning, particularly with regards to Access and Systems. The use of explanatory bite-size videos on specific topic matters is an accessible delivery mode, encouraging participation for users who may be time poor or unable to access in-person training. The learning content and instructional design is reliable and legitimate, presented by subject matter experts, while the platform is user-friendly and adaptable to learners’ specific needs, enhancing learner outcomes.

Additional information and links

Website: https://womolife.co.nz/

Related website: https://alifeinwool.nz/

Contact details

E-mail: Hello@womolife.co.nz

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