Five technology enabled learning trends in 2017

The learning landscape looks completely different today than it did five years ago. The way that learners are learning is changing dramatically: We see individuals learning in airline queues making the most of their spare time, in cafes watching a new video tutorial before they get into a meeting; in subways and buses playing a game or learning a new process with focus and intent that has not been witnessed in digital learning earlier.

Such sights represent an ever-growing tribe of learners that consume content in a way that is typical to their smartphone usage patterns. They expect content to be short and personalized and are more committed to their learning goals.

These trends indicate the need for change for both content and technology in the learning space. The need now exists for learning solution providers to visualize what has not been seen before and formulate solutions that blend modern learning with traditional and personalized learning experiences and bring these at par with contemporary mobile applications and just-in-time learning methods. We believe that big changes are inevitable and that corporations must act now to win in the long term.

Based on our research and experience of working with Fortune 100 companies in Pharma, Healthcare, Retail, Banking, and Manufacturing, we predict the 5 technology-enabled learning trends that will have a significant impact on the workplace learning ecosystem.

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