New Models for Lifelong Learning

International Journal of Training Research Volume 17, 7 Sept 2019, pp 54-68
Authors Asha Kanway, K. Balasubramanian & Alexis Carr


The digital revolution is rapidly transforming the world of work and the skills profiles of many occupations. The pace of change necessitates continuous skilling and reskilling, through lifelong learning. Traditional models of TVET which view formal training as terminal will not prepare workers for the constantly evolving world of work in an age of technological transformations. This paper argues for the need to integrate informal and non-formal learning in TVET systems and address the pedagogical implications of this integration. Research on emerging innovative approaches to TVET in both developed and developing country contexts is reviewed, with a special focus on new models for work-based and community-based learning, which can promote transformative, lifelong learning. The actual and potential role of technology within these models is highlighted, together with recommendations for policy and practice.

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