Blending Classroom with Work and Technology

Institute for Adult Learning, Singapore 2016 research project in how to design a blended curriculum

Let work drive the pedagogy, let pedagogy drive the technology

In 2014, Singapore launched the SkillsFuture initiative, in a move to focus on skills mastery as a defining quality which will move the country ahead to greater heights. It recognises that mastery does not come from qualifications or ability alone, but requires a mindset of continually striving towards greater excellence through knowledge, application and experience.

In many ways – doing the work, discussing with peers and supervisors, getting feedback. In today’s times, many of us incorporate the Internet and technology into our daily work practices. We Google, watch YouTube, and get updates from experts in our industry. All these present great opportunities for educational providers to come in and support organisations and their employees in their journey to becoming skilled in their work, beyond the recognised confines of the classroom setting.

By blending work-based elements into curriculum design, and exploring the use of technology to support the learning process where feasible, learning becomes authentic, contextual and immediately relevant. This article provides “a quick peek into the why, what and how of designing a blended curriculum”.

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