Evaluation Framework

The Evaluation Framework project is a six-month initiative (on track to finish in November 2021).  This project has two primary objectives:

    1. To identify the high-level measures available to support the success indicators and evaluation framework for the CoVE’s activities; and
    2. To develop a collection and reporting system with baseline measures against which progress can be assessed and reported.

The primary objectives will be achieved when the project delivers the following enabling objectives:

    1. All relevant stakeholder statistical information needs are clearly specified.
    2. PMO performance measures have been specified and approved by the GM CoVE.
    3. All relevant data sources have been identified, analysed and the relevance of those data is fully understood and documented.
    4. A robust data collection methodology is developed and adopted by all Food and Fibre sector data providers.
    5. An effective and efficient data storage, analysis and reporting system has been implemented in the CoVE.

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