Taking Stock

The Taking Stock project is due to start in late June/early July.  Its objectives are to:

    1. Through a literature review, establish an authoritative view of best practice in VET delivery (against which the current state can be compared) and prepare this information for inclusion in a CoVE knowledge base.
    2. Seek opinion from industry, Vocational Education and Training (VET) providers and learners about what is working well in VET and what good practice looks like.
    3. In the process:
      1. Identify any issues and opportunities with respect to achieving vocational excellence across the sector. That is, note comments and observations as they arise from objective 2.  It is not the intention of the project to actively search out what isn’t working.
      2. Identify potential performance measures by which the CoVE might report progress as and when those issues and opportunities are addressed.

The project is on schedule to complete late November this year.

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