Non-formal and Informal Learning in the FF Sector

Originator/Sponsor: Muka Tangata


Portfolio Managers: Lilla du Toit (


Status: In delivery


Planned delivery date: June 2023


Lead Agency / Service Provider:  Scarlatti Limited


Collaborating partners: Muka Tangata, Ministry of Primary Industries, Te Pūkenga, Primary ITO, NZ Qualifications Authority, Agri-Women’s Development Trust, Dairy NZ


Primary Objective(s):

  • To explore how the informal and non-formal learning that a participant has done can be more easily, appropriately and consistently recognised by the formal setting without on one hand, diminishing the quality and rigour of that setting, while at the same time not over complicating the activity in the informal and non-formal environment.
  • To inform the design of a protocol for recognition of informal and non-formal learning in the formal learning environment and example mappings of recorded or attested activities against the learning outcomes and graduate profile for a formal qualification, driven by the protocol, between the environments. 


This project takes a two-phase approach to evaluating the value proposition of integrating these learning systems; and gaining clarity on how it may be possible (if and where deemed valuable).

  • Phase one: Synthesise existing evidence and new market research to evaluate the value proposition of integration (to learners, employers and providers), and identify solutions to consistently and confidently transferring non-formal and informal learning to the formal system.
  • Phase two: Develop solutions based on the findings from Phase one (not the focus of this proposal) e.g., protocols and tools for recognition of prior learning or badging system, approaches to transition non-formal training opportunities into formal opportunities. This is dependent on Phase One identifying sufficient value proposition as well as potential solutions.


The above information was current as at 5 April 2023

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