Training and Career Framework for the FF Sector

Originator/Sponsor: NZ Apples and Pears Inc.


Portfolio Managers: Jackie Lynch (


Status: In delivery


Planned delivery date: May 2023


Lead Agency / Service Provider:  Scarlatti Limited


Collaborating partners: NZ Apples and Pears, Primary ITO, Lincoln University, Muka Tangata, Pūkenga Mahi, Te Pūkenga, eCampus, Seafood


Primary Objective(s):

  • The primary objective of this project is to design a training and career framework with flexible pathways, informed by exemplars of learning delivery, which lead to positive outcomes for learners across the sector.


Overview: The project will:

  • Create a catalogue of horticulture proven and emerging good teaching and assessment practices
  • List gaps in current teaching and assessment practices
  • Design and develop a training and career framework with pilot pathways
  • Create a portfolio of exemplar practices
  • Make recommendations on pilot pathways’ structure, delivery and potential providers
  • Develop project plans for pilots that are scalable for the wider FF sector 


The above information was current as at 29 March 2023


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