Project Roles and Responsibilities

Each stage of the project lifecycle will involve a different combination of participants. The FFCoVE Portfolio Office in particular is resource constrained and Portfolio Managers perform a constant balancing exercise to oversee and effectively support as many as eight or nine projects, each at a different stage of its lifecycle.

Portfolio Manager– Oversees and guides the project from concept to completion of delivery
Project Lead
(the lead representative within the entity
hosting the project)
– Develops the project concept and draft project definition
– Facilitates the collaboration to finalise the project definition and the subsequent business case
– Leads the delivery of the project
Business Owner
(Usually a manager within the entity which is hosting the project)
– Recommends the approval of the business case
– Provides resource(s) to the project and/or funding and/or contributions in kind to deliver the project
– Provides management oversight for the project delivery
– Recommends acceptance of the project outputs
(Representatives from those entities which have
agreed to collaborate on the project)
– Contributes to the final project definition and the subsequent business case (to ensure the needs of their organisation are represented)
– May contribute to the delivery of the solution as project team members
Technical Reference Group
(Subject matter experts from across the
Food and Fibre sector)
– Provides quality assurance and technical support as and when required
– Acts as a sounding board for ideas

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