This two-day event will share knowledge, research and insights on food and fibre vocational education in Aotearoa New Zealand and provide an opportunity for you to participate in workshops and discussions.  


Food and Fibre CoVE Portfolio Managers will facilitate the sessions and together with the presenters answer any questions you have about the projects. 


DAY 1: Tuesday 5 March 2024 


11:30am – Registration, Welcome and Lunch 



 Vocational education and training meet the labour market: better understand relationships between providers, industry and communities; look at different operating and engagement models; and understand the power of the education sector and employers working together. Tapping into the insights and learnings from several projects including: Ngawha Business and Innovation Park Case Study; Hawke’s Bay RSLG Project and Waikato RSLG Futures Academy Project we will be asking you “what can you do to drive better outcomes for learners and the food and fibre sector?”. 


Facilitators: Taryn Eparaima and Josh Williams, Skills Group 



A mix of workshops and presentations three on Tuesday, and the final one Wednesday morning – this session shares a variety of projects covering: influence future generations of food and fibre workers; shift the dial when it comes to how and when to learn and upskill; and the importance of leadership in the food and fibre sector: 


Secondary School Transitions to VET and Employment 

Explore the incredible work supporting young New Zealanders transitioning from secondary school, to reach their fulfilled career potential.  Going beyond the attraction and retention of young people it will take a broad and future-focused lens of the secondary-tertiary-employment interface and evaluate:  

  • careers advice and guidance
  • how well educators and employers support programmes
  • system leadership and strategy
  • pathways that create effective ecosystems between education and work. 


Presenters: Josh Williams and Arthur Graves, Skills Group 


Non-Formal and Informal Learning 

This project evaluated the opportunity to better integrate non-formal, informal and formal learning systems; identified five potential concepts for integration or better recognition of skills gained through non-formal and informal learning and assessed them against a set of criteria. The research will help to shape the planning and implementation of a new project: 21st Century Delivery and Assessment (Session 3). 


Speakers: Adam Barker and Julie Moularde, Scarlatti 


Degree Level Apprenticeship (workshop) 

An update on work done to date and an opportunity to participate in a workshop to help build this concept, with a focus on thinking about the considerations around core content and specialisms required, and how best to streamline qualifications, while meaningfully upskilling the workforce. 


Facilitator: Kathryn Koopmanschap, Boost Business Services 


5-7pm – Networking (same venue) 


DAY 2: Wednesday 6 March 2024 


8:30am Coffee 


Leadership System Project 

Building on the momentum of the work done to date (shared at Forum 2023) Lisa Rogers will provide an update on how what we have learned and how this has shaped the next stage of the project. 


Presenter: Lisa Rogers, Rural Leaders 



Looking to the future we need to truly understand what food and fibre VET looks like, and what tools we need to develop or evolve. The session will be a blend of presentations, short sharp snapshots and interactive participation giving you an opportunity to contribute to the future of vocational excellence for the food and fibre sector. 


Workshop: Interactive Vocational Excellence Framework 

Your chance to participate in a workshop to inform what happens with the interactive and self-assessment version of the Vocational Excellence Framework being developed for the food and fibre sector. 


Presenter: Mel Escott, Scarlatti 


Snapshot: Workforce Skills Data and Insights Platform 

Muka Tangata WDC will provide a brief overview of the platform, and how it is being used and updated in real time. 


Snapshot: Residential Group Training 

As a follow up to Forum 2023, Viv Bruin (Food and Fibre CoVE) will share what has happened since and where to from here. 


White paper: Food and Fibre Youth Network – He Tātai Rangahua (FFYN)

“What gets you out of bed in the morning?” is a simple question that FFYN council asked themselves when discussing what’s attracting and retaining youth in New Zealand’s food and fibre sector.


Tapping into their network to begin to understand what’s motivating the next generation to make a difference, FFYN will share insights into the driving forces behind youth getting into the industry, their career aspirations, growth opportunities and the importance of transferrable skills.

 Join us for an insightful presentation to understand how we can continue to attract and retain youth within the sector and shape the future of this thriving industry.  


Presenters: Ella ZwagermanBen Purua and Alex Reid (née Tomkins), FFYN Council 


Workshop: 21st Century Delivery and Assessment  

Muka Tangata and Te Pūkenga have identified the need for provider programmes with delivery models and flexible assessment methods relevant for the 21st Century.  


The project will deep dive into delivery and assessment in all its forms, the reasons for change, the implications for learners and the real or perceived barrier(s) to qualification completion, engaging with industry and learners to better understand the challenges and opportunities. 


Facilitators: Lester Hoare, Muka Tangata and Dr Megan Gibbons, Te Pūkenga 


AI & Technology in food & fibre VET 

Details to come; project at early stage (Oct 2023) 


Presenter: Taryn Eparaima, Skills Group 


2pm Forum closes 


Forum 2024 is a two-day event.  One day tickets are not available. 

Early bird offer ends 30 November 2023