Naylor Love Cadetship Programme


Commercial construction company Naylor Love offer a cadetship programme for potential employees in the construction sector, as well as existing staff members. Generally, cadets tend to be working towards a diploma or degree, or have completed a qualification in a related field. The programme is tailor-made to each participant, identifying their existing knowledge and skill base and developing an appropriate learning journey to suit their needs. Mentorship and financial support is provided to cadets as part of the package.

Justification for excellence as assessed against framework

This artefact best aligns with R7: Under-served learners, particularly with regards to Participation and Access. The cadetship programme is bespoke to its participants, as it is reflective of where they are positioned and their backgrounds when they enter their learner journey. Subsequently, support and mentorship is tailored to where their gaps lie. The approach of a customised learner journey with flexible delivery and support successfully provides under-served learners an equitable pathway into the construction sector.

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Phone: (Auckland office) (09) 444 4346

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