A New Approach to Learner Pathways

Originator/Sponsor: Muka Tangata


Portfolio Managers: Jackie Lynch (jlynch@foodandfibrecove.nz)


Status: In delivery


Planned delivery date: February 2024


Lead Agency / Service Provider:  TBA



The ultimate vision for this Project is to test the ideas in the “A New Approach to Learner Pathways’ document which will underpin the Food and Fibre Skills Framework.



This project will build on the work of the TCFW Project with a deep dive into the optimum level of flexibility and transferability across the industries within the sector, and also in the development of qualifications, MCs, and skill standards. It will identify examples for industry where transferable skills are already articulated for students. And identify barriers (real, perceived, structural or other) to the successful implementation of learner pathways which serve multiple industries within our sector. It is a whole of sector project that informs the development of the FF sector skills framework.


The above information was current as at 25 August 2023

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