Akongoue Pasifika Horticulture Programme Evaluation

Originator/Sponsor: Ministry of Primary Industries


Portfolio Managers: Fiona Windle (fwindle@foodandfibrecove.nz)


Status: In delivery


Planned delivery date: April 2023


Lead Agency / Service Provider:  Scarlatti Limited


Collaborating partners: Ministry of Primary Industries, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment, Tongan Youth Trust


Primary Objective:

The primary objective of this evaluation project is to identify and report the impact of the Akongoue Programme on the trainees, their communities and other stakeholders. To then capture the lessons learned, show whether the programme can be sustained and, if so, prove that future funding would have to encompass training, pastoral care and administrative activities. 


The enabling objectives are to: 

    • Demonstrate that the programme has been effective and valuable, and 
    • Create a mechanism that would allow the investment to occur and become sustainable over a medium time frame. 


The above information was current as at 5 April 2023

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