House of Science Learner and Teacher Narratives

Originator/Sponsor: House of Science

Portfolio Managers: Fiona Windle 

Status: Completed

Planned delivery date: October 2023

Lead Agency / Service Provider:  Dr Lesley Petersen

Primary Objectives:

Determine the influence of House of Science kits on primary and intermediate school students’ choices to undertake science subjects at secondary school
Identify if students changed their future career/employment choice because of the kits and their experience of learning science at primary and intermediate school.
Discover whether primary and intermediate teachers have gained confidence and skills in teaching science because of the kits and teacher support provided by House of Science.


The report Growing curious minds: Student and Teacher narratives about using House of Science Resource Kits includes a literature review of current state and significance of science education in New Zealand schools. The report reflects a range of narratives that were compiled from interviewing primary school teachers and learners in Years 5-6 and Year 11 who are familiar with using the kits.  Key themes of each of their experiences are outlined, which include collaborative learning, broadening perspectives of science, unlocking curiosity and boosting teaching confidence.

The key learnings and insights gathered from the case studies and narratives will help inform other FFCoVE projects, including the Secondary School Transitions and Pathways to VET and Employment project.

The above information was current as at 24 October 2023