Learner-Focused, Industry-Led, Government-Enabled


Cross-sector engagement and collaboration ensures we are collectively focused on delivering the best possible outcomes for food and fibre people and the sector.

Industry & Employers

Connection with industry – peak bodies and organisations – results in a better understanding of learners’ needs and industry requirements.

It provides the opportunity to create collective goals, leverage expertise, and identify gaps and opportunities ensuring better skills development opportunities for employees, and improved productivity for employers.

How to get involved:

Industry engagement and participation comes in many forms: submitting project ideas; project sponsor; consultation during research; involvement in steering committees and the dissemination of information to industry group(s).

Education & Training Providers

Engagement throughout (and beyond) a project is key. With significant emphasis on workplace-focused learning, the alignment of non-formal and formal learning and it’s consistency of delivery, cohesion and measurement is crucial.

Balance between the suitability and benefits from an industry (organisations and leaners) perspective, and the implementation by education and training providers to bring the project outputs to life, requires us to be mindful of navigational challenges, and how we support them.

How to get involved:

Submit a project idea or ask to be involved or consulted during the research development phase. If you or members of your team / organisation are subject matter experts, there may be an opportunity to join a specific project’s technical reference group so get in touch with the relevant portfolio manager.

Government & Associated Agencies

Collaboration with government and associated agencies on projects and initiatives ensures alignment and engagement with the people and entities who drive tangible outcomes for the food and fibre sector.

Yes, Food and Fibre CoVE is government funded, but we have the ability to challenge the status quo and advocate for driving change in vocational education in the food and fibre sector.

How to get involved:

To propose an idea for a project or initiative, please complete and submit a proposal, and the portfolio management team will get in touch.

Research Partners

Our robust request for proposal process ensures that the most suitable agency works on a project, and where appropriate past data and insights are shared between agencies.

To date our agency roster has been small, but with the increase in volume of projects, other specialist entities have been engaged.

How to get involved:

Expressions of interest or request for proposals (on website and / or promoted on LinkedIn) are the most appropriate time to engage with us on a specific project. General enquiries to work with us can be emailed to projects@foodandfibrecove.nz