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RFP: Food and Fibre Māori Leadership Development Framework

This is a unique opportunity to make a positive contribution to Māori VET across the food and fibre sector and, ultimately, improve the quality of Māori leadership across industries.


Food and Fibre CoVE is focused on building excellence in vocational education and training (VET) across the food and fibre sector by focusing on the success of learners, industry, and education. A key aspect is the development and deployment of leadership development programmes, with a core outcome being that the needs of under-represented and underserved learners are better met.

To support the leadership aspirations of Māori working and operating within food and fibre we need to understand where Māori leadership does or does not align with ‘mainstream’ leadership as described in the Food and Fibre Leadership Framework (refer related project below), what specific characteristics and behaviours are relevant to Māori leadership, and how these can be developed alongside more widely relevant leadership principles, and potentially the development and delivery of a dedicated leadership framework.

An applied research approach is required to:

  • Confirm that the Food and Fibre Leadership Framework elements and underlying principles as set out in the Leadership Principles Report (refer related project below) would apply irrespective of ethnicity and culture, but with some differences in how (and perhaps when) they would be applied for Māori.
  • Explore Māori perspectives on leadership to identify how execution of elements and underlying principles in the Food and Fibre Leadership Framework handbook can be adapted to accommodate Te Ao Māori and Tikanga Māori and document those findings in a practical guidebook that can be used by qualification, study programme and curriculum developers.

Our funding is limited and we need to invest in those areas which are likely to make the biggest difference. We are are not seeking an academic study, nor a literature review with no clear pathways to practical application of the principles it proposes.

Respondents must have the capability, experience and infrastructure to deliver the whole of the research programme and have a track record in the design and delivery of research programmes, particularly in Māori perspectives. The respondent will have, or be able to establish, effective networks and strong relationships across the sector and VET providers.

Please submit your response on the RFP template attached below.  All source documents to inform your response are hyperlinked within the documents. RFP closed 25 March 2024.

Project Downloads

Food and Fibre Māori Leadership Development Framework RFP
Food and Fibre Māori Leadership Development Framework RFP response template

Industry groups

All People, Food & Fibre

Project status

Under Development

Delivery date

RFP closed 25 March 2024


Lilla du Toit, Portfolio Manager



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