Good Practice in VET Teaching and Learning

This guide was developed by Deste Consulting Services and Deschepper Consulting on behalf of the Victorian Department of Education and Training, 2017


The Guide provides information about, and examples of, good practice in teaching and learning for Vocational Education and Training (VET) providers. Commissioned by the Department of Education and Training in Victoria, Australia, it was developed by drawing on the wide and varied experiences of VET practitioners working in the government-subsidised training market in Victoria.

The Guide had its genesis in work undertaken during 2016 to create a framework that identified and described attributes of quality teaching, learning and assessment practice. This work included focus groups and consultations with VET training provider representatives.

Further discussion took place in 2017 during two series of Quality Workshops. The workshops convened a variety of VET practitioners and staff from across the Victorian VET sector, who used the workshops to reflect on and share their own practice of quality teaching and learning.

The Guide is built from these instances of consultative engagement with training providers, as well as further input from one-to-one interviews and focus groups held in late 2017. The Guide is also informed by case studies derived from examples of good practice presented at the workshops and in follow up interviews.