The State of Leadership in New Zealand’s Food and Fibre Sector (as at 24 Feb 2023)

This 49-page research report presents findings on the state of leadership development in Aotearoa New Zealand’s Food and Fibre Sector.  It is the first deliverable for the FF Leadership Development Framework project (see below).


The Aotearoa New Zealand Food and Fibre Sector includes the primary sector production industries (other than mining) and the related processing industries. It also includes service industries along the value chain from producer to final consumer, including providers of transport, storage, distribution, marketing, and sales.


There are several leadership programmes across the sector, targeted at varying leadership levels. While many of these programmes are highly rated by sector leaders, it is clear that the majority of people within the sector are not accessing leadership training, and for those that do, the leadership development pathways are often disjointed, and unclear.


This report not only presents the findings on the state of leadership development in the Food and Fibre Sector of New Zealand but identifies six key principles of leadership in the interviews that were conducted: 

  • that leading others is a privilege,
  • leaders need to be grounded,
  • leaders build relationships,
  • leadership is about teamwork,
  • leaders are accountable and
  • leaders unleash the potential in others.


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FF Leadership Development Framework Project

The objective of this project is to design and adopt a food and fibre leadership framework with supporting system(s), which would provide a set of success criteria that other projects would use to meet the current and future needs of New Zealand’s food and fibre sector.  The supporting system(s) will be developed over several years by defining, developing, and delivering a model that allows the framework to be trialled, refined, inculcated, and scaled.  The alignment with other projects is what introduces the need for a leadership framework to provide an assurance that all of those other projects will contribute toward a whole-of-sector need.  Left unchecked, the sector will end up with a plethora of disconnected leadership programmes that are not credentialed vocationally or academically, lack logical progression, and suffer from a variety of pedagogical value. Therefore, this project is designed to have impact across the food and fibre sector.