Research Projects/Case Studies

We expect a number of projects funded by the FFCoVE will be either research projects or case studies. The difference between these two types is minor and they share a mostly identical methodology:

  • Research is the study of a given field or problem to surface new facts or provide more detail to the understanding of a topic. In some cases, a research project might seek to solve an immediate problem by limiting its scope to a defined issue and searching and analysing the breadth of available knowledge to identify a solution or solutions
  • A case study is an in-depth analysis of a current or historic situation or sequence of events to understand contributing factors such as:
    • why the situation arose
    • why the action taken worked or didn’t work
    • what learning might contribute to avoiding that situation in the future or achieving a better outcome
    • etc.

Both types of project have the same structure:

  • Identify and define the research question(s)
  • Select the topics, knowledge sources (people, documentation, literature review etc.) and determine the best techniques for data collection and analysis
  • Collect the data
  • Evaluate and analyse the data
  • Prepare the report

Note that ethics approval is required when human participation or personal data are to be used as part of the knowledge/data gathering phase.. This must be obtained before any work is undertaken

In every other respect, the normal project management methodology will apply.