Vocational Excellence Framework

“You can’t improve what you don’t measure.” is a saying often attributed to Peter Drucker. While there may be detractors, the FFCoVE believes this to generally be true.

The FFCoVE is tasked with improving vocational excellence so we need a robust way to assess the current state and, having implemented a change, being able to measure and report on that improvement. Our Taking Stock project, commissioned in 2021, included an assessment of vocational education and training (VET) across the Food and Fibre sector including the identification of instances of vocational excellence. That meant we needed a reliable way to measure vocational excellence.

Scarlatti Limited were contracted to deliver the Taking Stock project and they sub-contracted the literature research element to Skills Consulting Group (SCG). SCG developed the initial framework so they could assess overseas practices for vocational excellence. They passed the framework on to Scarlatti who, through using it in face-to-face interviews, modified it to better fit that wider (and in most cases non-academic) audience. The current Vocational Excellence Framework is the result.