Food and Fibre Māori Leadership Development Framework

Originator/Sponsor: Muka Tangata

Portfolio Managers: Lilla du Toit

Status: Under development

Planned delivery date: TBA

Lead Agency / Service Provider: TBA

Objective: To develop a practical guide for a Food and Fibre Māori Leadership Development Framework for use in teaching and learning as well as in a field environment.


Phase one of this project would define a FF Māori Leadership Development Framework where the underlying principles are based on the mainstream version of the FF Leadership Framework but with a Māori lens to define the specific detail which may vary by Iwi or hapu.

The base assumption is the core elements of leadership (the ‘what’) will be consistent for both mainstream and Māori, but the ‘how’ will differ on a cultural basis whether for Māori (or any other ethnicity).

This project will deliver a practical guide that transforms the key principles and cultural elements of the FF Leadership Framework into a summarised, digestable form, ready for deployment as a leadership development manual for use in both vocational education and training and food and fibre industries.

The above information was current as at 31 January 2024