Quality Host Employers in Group Training

Originator/Sponsor: Food and Fibre CoVE

Portfolio Managers: Lilla du Toit

Status: Under development

Planned delivery date: (Estimated start to end) June to December 2024

Lead Agency / Service Provider:  Skills Consulting Group

Collaborating partners: Global Apprenticeship Network, MPI, Muka Tangata, ConCove, MBIE, Te Pūkenga, Industry partners


The start point for this initiative was the thought that a well-researched and tested agreement that defines, “Quality employer, how they are identified, developed and rewarded”, if adopted by each industry within the economy (through their representative peak bodies where they exist) and with the encouragement of relevant Government Agencies, will encourage individual employers to sign up.

Striving for a high quality mark would benefit an employer, not only in them being a much better employer, but also give some form of mark that they can use for branding, employment and sales purposes. This should then make employers an attractive proposition to prospective employees, learners and customers.

The potential benefits include:

  • For employers, better productivity through happier employees and reduced staff turnover
  • For the economy, the reduction of loss of talent to industry and, where businesses are perhaps selling products or services into the international market, a growth in international demand for that business’s products or services.

Primary Objective(s): A three-phase research project is proposed to address the following questions:

  • Phase 1 – What is a quality employer? What are the criteria of a quality employer?
  • Phase 2 – How do we identify and or develop quality employers?
  • Phase 3 – How do we reward quality employers?

The above information was current as at 6 April 2023