Secondary School Transitions and Pathways to VET and Employment

Originator/Sponsor: Geoff Taylor, Dairy NZ; Julia Pura-MacKenzie, Ministry of Education; Ben Allomes, Food and Fibre CoVE Board Member

Portfolio Managers: Fiona Windle

Status: In delivery

Planned delivery date: 31 May 2024

Lead Agency / Service Provider: Skills Consulting Ltd

Project Scope:

The project comprises a data enquiry that will include, but is not limited to:

The performance and impact of current approved transitions and pathways programmes, products, and services employed by schools, kura and tertiary providers to encourage secondary students into tertiary studies related to, or work in, the food and fibre sector.
Outcomes for secondary school ākonga studying horticulture and/or agriculture and/or agribusiness subjects who subsequently enrol in food and fibre related tertiary studies, or gain work in the food and fibre sector.
Secondary school ākonga earning wages in the food and fibre sector who subsequently enrol in food and fibre related tertiary studies or gain work in the food and fibre sector.
Year 11, 12 and 13 secondary school ākonga commencing tertiary studies with a specific focus on food and fibre including total duration of tertiary learning while still at school.

This first phase will inform further deliverables that will focus on policy analysis and a future-forward focussed outlook at opportunities and how current policy and operational settings could be more effectively applied at the secondary to -tertiary to -employment interfaces, in light of the data enquiry findings about effective pathways and successful practices, and in the context of the VET system reforms. The research report will include specific consideration of Mātauranga Māori elements.

The above information was current as at 31 July 2023