Te Ao Māori Integration into Māori Cadetship Pilot (Phase 2)

Originator/Sponsor: Te Awanui Whenua Maatauranga (trading as Te Awanui Huka Pak)

Portfolio Managers: Doug Neilson and Fiona Windle

Status: Business Case under development

Planned delivery date: To be determined

Lead Agency/Service Provider:  Primary ITO for delivery of the pilot, FFCoVE for the parallel case study

Collaborating partners: Te Awanui Huka Pak, Primary ITO, Open Polytechnic, Ministry of Primary Industries, Muka Tangata

Primary Objective(s):

Integrate Te Ao Māori protocols into an instance of the New Zealand Certificate in Horticulture (Fruit Production) Level 3 to be delivered in the later part of 2023 as a Māori Cadetship Programme
Evaluate the effectiveness of that Māori Cadetship Programme, compared to other instances which have not incorporated Te Ao Māori protocols (in whole or in part), in terms of delivering better learning outcomes for ākonga


Post-COVID there has been an increase in cadet and workforce programmes. The dominant existing ones are either focused on first-time learners at Level 1-2 or on employment outcomes. Phase 1 of this project defined what Te Ao Māori would look like for a vocational education and training programme. This phase was completed in September 2022 and the project is now developing a business case to secure funding for a pilot to be run as part of the next cadetship programme. A research activity will be run parallel to the pilot cadetship to record what worked (and therefore should be repeated in future programmes) and what didn’t work (and therefore need to be revisited).

Te Awanui Huka Pak Limited are leading this project to assess the outcomes achieved through that integration so that other programmes can leverage those practices which make a significant difference to learner outcomes.

The above information was current as at 22 March 2023