Investing in Emerging Technologies: Gamification, VR and AI Research project and pilots

Originator/Sponsor: Food and Fibre CoVE

Portfolio Manager: Lilla du Toit

Status: In delivery

Planned delivery date: Phase 1 of this project is completed and a report is available – Phase 2 delivery date yet to be determined.

Service Provider:  Skills Consulting Group

Collaborating partner: TBC

Primary Objective: To confirm the benefits from the use of VR, AI and Gamification technologies as a training and education tool in the food and fibre sector

The enabling objectives are:

Understand how current VR, AI and Gamification technologies are used in education/training and how best to deploy them across the food and fibre sector
Pilot programmes specific to Dairy NZ, Beef and Lamb and one other to be confirmed to test the viability…..

The above information was current as at 12 March 2023