Delivery and Assessment for the 21st Century

Originator/Sponsor: Te Pūkenga, Muka Tangata


Portfolio Managers: Jackie Lynch (


Status: RfP under development


Planned delivery date: October 2023 to August 2024


Lead Agency / Service Provider:  TBA


Collaborating partners: Muka Tangata, Te Pūkenga, FFCoVE


Primary Objective:

Muka Tanagata and Te Pūkenga have identified the need to have programmes of study that are modern and relevant for the 21st Century. This project will do a critical assessment into delivery, assessment and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) methods. It will seek to determine if existing delivery, assessment and RPL methods still have currency and, if not, suggest alternative models.


Secondary Objectives:

This project will review current delivery, assessment methods and RPL with a desk top review of national and international literature regarding:

  • Classroom based (including work integrated learning)
  • Work-based learning
  • On-line learning

and ascertain:

  • If they are still appropriate for the 21st Century, and/or
  • If there are opportunities to improve on them to ensure they become appropriate for the 21st Century and meet identified industry and learner needs



The above information was current as at 25 August 2023

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