Understanding Evidence Collection in the 21st Century

Originator/Sponsor: Te Pūkenga, Muka Tangata


Portfolio Managers: Jackie Lynch (jlynch@foodandfibrecove.nz)


Status: Under development


Planned delivery date: (Estimated start to end) June to December 2023


Lead Agency / Service Provider:  TBA


Collaborating partners: Muka Tangata, Te Pūkenga, FFCoVE



This initiative will look into the assessment of learning, the reasons why assessments are needed, the methods used, the evidence collected, and the implications for learners of different methods. The research will cover both global and national assessments in all its forms and if the type of evidence collected is still the appropriate for the 21st Century.


Primary Objective(s):To examine what evidence is used in assessments and is this evidence and it’s collection methods still relevant in the 21st Century.


The above information was current as at 6 April 2023

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