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Vocational Excellence Framework

Rubrics were developed to establish criteria for the food and fibre sector to measure vocational excellence against, achieved in the design and delivery of vocational education and training.

Tasked with improving vocational excellence, Food and Fibre CoVE needed a robust way to assess the current state, and to measure and report on any improvements.

The rubrics began as a set of measures and an initial attribute framework based on: Availability, Accessibility, Acceptability and Adaptability. 

The Vocational Excellence Framework consists of 12 rubrics grouped into three areas: People, Provision and Processes, with each rubric comprised of a two dimensional matrix and can be used in several ways:

  • Guiding project design
  • Identifying existing examples of excellence to promote
  • Monitoring the state of vocational education in the sector.

Developed as a living framework, a four-step approach to maintaining, growing and evolving the framework includes:

  1. Addressing gaps where part of the VET system are not covered, or well-covered.
  2. Adapting and expanding the framework to cover the non-formal training system.
  3. Expanding consultation with stakeholders and seek further input and ideas.
  4. Making incremental improvements as and when new projects are commissioned by accommodating new elements and/or developing new rubrics as necessary.

For full details on the framework and how to utilise it, click on the Knowledgebase link below.

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