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21st Century Delivery and Assessment

A critical assessment of the delivery, assessment and recognition of prior learning methods to determine if existing models still have currency and relevance, and if not, suggest alternatives.

Muka Tangata Workforce Development Council and Te Pūkenga have identified the need for provider programmes that are relevant for the 21st Century, and meet learner and industry needs.

This project will do a deep dive into:

  • Delivery methods, reasons for change, and implications for learners of various different models.
  • Assessment methods to explore: whether existing ones still have currency or require modernisation; to understand if assessment is a barrier to qualification completion.
  • Recognition of prior learning including: a critical assessment, the real or perceived need, the barriers, and the benefits.
  • It will also identify which food and fibre industries have learner challenges and opportunities, and the preferred delivery and assessment models.

Project Downloads

Report due August 2024

Industry groups

All People, Food & Fibre

Project status


Delivery date

August 2024


Portfolio Manager

Jackie Lynch


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