Training and Career Framework

Originator/Sponsor: Erin Simpson

Portfolio Managers: Jackie Lynch

Status: Completed

Delivery date: July 2023

Lead Agency/Service Provider: Scarlatti Limited

Collaborating partners: Fruition, Primary ITO, Lincoln University, Muka Tangata, Pūkenga Mahi, Te Pūkenga, EIT, Seafood NZ

Primary Objective(s):

The primary objective of the Training and Careers Pathways project was to explore the meaning, definition and exemplars of vocational pathways. In particular, the project sought to address the following research questions:

What are some examples of visible, flexible pathways nationally and globally, if any?
What do ‘visible’, ‘flexible’ and ‘pathways’ mean to stakeholders, and what are the ‘elements’ of these concepts?
What do ‘good’, ‘great’ and ‘excellent’ pathways look like to stakeholders, at a high level?
What exemplars can be seen today in New Zealand’s training environment, and what makes them special?
Are there elements of ‘excellent’ pathways embedded in these exemplars?

Outputs: The outputs produced and how these will be leveraged are:

Pathways Rubric and Summary Report. This report contained:

An outline of the journey of the project
Proposed future focus of the project
Proposed definitions for flexible, visible and robust pathways
A rubric for excellent pathways from the learner/employee perspective

It is now owned by Food and Fibre CoVE and will be available through the knowledgebase.  Its primary purpose was to inform the Steering Group of progress and rationale for next steps.  This was achieved and the stakeholder interviews were based on this report.

Exemplars of Good Practice with a Focus on Pathways. A spreadsheet was created that contained two elements:

A list of existing training that had shone through stakeholders interviews as examples of things that were working well, and a brief note on why stakeholders valued it.
The table of existing pathway documents which were reviewed in the literature review process, and brief description of their characteristics.
It is now owned by Food and Fibre CoVE will be available on the knowledge base. It was forwarded to Muka Tangata, who were complimentary for its usefulness for having a full resource list.

Interview findings report:

Interviews with stakeholders were undertaken in early 2023, to further investigate what excellent vocational pathways looked like, what the benefits, barriers, trade-offs and unintended consequences could be within the concepts from ‘A New Approach to Learner Pathways’ Project, and to find any further examples of excellent vocational pathways. This report included the findings of these interviews. It is now owned by Food and Fibre CoVE and will be available through the knowledge base. It is being used as the basis of ongoing discussions with Muka Tangata about the next possible phase of research.

The above information was current as at 7 August 2023