Food and Fibre Centre of Vocational Excellence (FFCoVE)

The FFCoVE aims to propel the Food & Fibre Sector to a sustainable and prosperous future through an enduring partnership with the Education Sector to ensure excellence in provision for our current and future workforce.

Key Outcomes for Learners

Learners will see greater coherence across the food and fibre sector with clearly defined learning pathways and career opportunities. They will be able to access, through flexible delivery modes, food and fibre education opportunities when and where they need it.

Key Outcomes for Industry & Employers

Greater connection between industry and the education sectors results in better understanding of the industry and employment contexts, shared innovation and more rapid integration of R&D into programmes and value gains through alignment of non-formal and formal education provision to offer better upskilling and reskilling opportunities for employers and employees.

Key Outcomes for the Vocational Education System

Greater emphasis on workplace-focussed learning results in learning opportunities that are valued, driving up demand from learners, Māori, employers and employees. Better work-ready graduates and improved business productivity result from collaboration, including shared practice, evidence, data and knowledge, and kaiako capability development.

Our Stories

Technology Enabled Learning the focus of new Food and Fibre sector website

A new website developed from the experiences of teaching staff and learners in the food and fibre sector in New Zealand is providing technology-enabled learning resources and information to educators and providers in farming, forestry, horticulture and fishing.

It is also a valuable tool to those of other disciplines as well.

Excellence in Vocational Education is the standard for Food and Fibre CoVE

Excellence in vocational education is not only the goal, but the expectation for the Food and Fibre Sector.

The Food and Fibre Centre of Vocational Excellence (FFCoVE) was set up to provide cohesion across the sector with clearly defined learning pathways and career opportunities, but it also strives to achieve excellence for and by the Food and Fibre Sector when it comes to Vocational Education and Training

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